A Letter to Single Moms – Mr. Cory's Cookies

A Letter to Single Moms

Someone called me an "inspiration" today. Me! And I had to ask myself, "Do I inspire?"

Well, I am a single mother, a sister, a hustler, a survivor, a believer, a giver, a friend, and the cookie mom of Mr. Cory’s Cookies. These are all things I am proud of.

But let me go back for a minute. Why cookies? Cookies helped me provide a clear pathway for my son. Cookies will give my son a chance to go to college. Cookies taught me business. Cookies taught me to change my perspective on life. Cookies kept my son off the street. Cookies gave me focus. Cookies allow me to get through the most challenging moments. Cookies open doors. Cookies brought amazing mentors into my son's life, and mine. Cookies allowed me to give the gift of hope to my son, single mothers, and at-risk kids. So, now I hope you understand that, for me, cookies mean a lot.

For all the single moms out there, and everyone who is struggling: it may be hard and you may feel like there is no hope. You may feel your kid is going down the wrong path, you may not get the love you want from a partner. Sometimes you will feel tired, ugly, without a family, without experience or opportunities in the job market. You may struggle with money and child care and trying to have your own life too. It is ok to feel those things, but please BELIEVE me when I say that there is hope, love, and beauty out there for you. The future is bright for you and your child. Your financial situation will change and there are people who want to help you. But you have to ALWAYS remember everything you do is for your child.

Never give up, swallow your pride, always dream the impossible. Your strength makes you persevere. Whatever your dream is: Own it. Believe it. No matter how dire your situation may look, you are someone's hero. Your child's and mine too. You inspire me. I did it and you can do it too.

Have a cookie. You deserve it.

Cookie Mom